While some international students visit Valencia, Spain knowing a fair amount of Spanish, some may know next to none. Whatever your level, we offer Spanish classes at affordable rates for Erasmus students and other international students. You'll enhance your stay in Valencia once you begin to learn more Spanish. You'll find that knowing more of the Spanish language will help you navigate the city and communicate better wherever you go.

Language Lessons at Your Level

It can be intimidating to reside in a foreign country and not be able to understand the language. Communication colors so many aspects of life from asking for directions to ordering a meal. At Happy Foreigners World, we understand how difficult this can be which is why we've designed our courses to suit the needs of international students studying in Valencia for a half-semester, semester, and longer. 

If you are a complete novice, our services include studying with a native speaker who also speaks English. In this way, students can ask questions in English in order to enhance their understanding of Spanish. We also offer intermediate and more advanced language lessons. These courses are designed to further enhance students' knowledge of Spanish. With more emphasis on effective communication, students will find that they quickly gain confidence to engage in Spanish language conversation wherever they go.

Finally, we enhance this Spanish language coursework with activities and outings designed to enhance language learning while visiting interesting places throughout the city as well as its outskirts. This is a great way to improve your Spanish, meet people, and get to know more of beautiful Valencia, Spain. Once your Spanish is improved, you'll find that getting to know the city is incredibly enjoyable. You may even begin reading and writing in Spanish--and why not? As the language of Don Quixote, Spanish is magnificent undertaking. International or Erasmus students interested in Spanish language courses should contact us for more information. We offer a great discount on language classes for foreign exchange students.

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