Sport activities

Valencia, Spain is famous the world over for its sunshine. So, it isn't surprising that many international students come expecting to spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying the weather and sports activities. Valencia boasts spectator events for students to enjoy as well as activities where students can play. Sports are popular in Valencia as they are in many parts of Spain. Erasmus and other international students studying in Valencia can expect to be swept up in the spirit of sportive fun!

Football thrives in Valencia. Many students will want to head to the Mestalla to catch Valencia C.F. show off their skills. Major football events are fun for spectators and many students flock to these events. By attending you'll be able to see live football on Valencian soil and understand why the Spanish are so enthusiastic for their football heroes! Additionally, if you enjoy playing football, you're likely to be able to join in some games around campus or at local parks. Beach football is also a fun way to pass an afternoon by the water.

Water sports and volleyball are also popular sports in Valencia. Head to the beach to watch or play beach volleyball. It's a great way to soak up the Valencian sun and meet new people. Happy Foreigners World can keep you informed about special sports tournaments and events that are bound to be exciting. While you might be up to date on sports activities at your university, you might wish to consider visiting one some of the other schools to enjoy their sporting events too.

Don't forget that many pubs offer special viewings of games. Many Erasmus students like to hang out and watch the athletes perform while they enjoy the game with a plate of tapas and something cool to drink. These events make up the fabric of Valencia's social scene. As you get to know your neighborhood in Valencia, you'll probably become acquainted with various bars and cafes where sports can be viewed. Gather a couple friends after class and relax while watching a great game!

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